Full of Joy Yoga was started by Lani Rosen-Gallagher in 2004 in response to her struggles with teaching first grade in Brooklyn, NY. The goal of Full of Joy Yoga is to find and create the joy that lives within every child. We go into schools and teach classes, we instruct teachers to use mindfulness & yoga in their classrooms, and we train those who want to teach yoga to the kids in their own life with the FOJY Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Full of Joy Yoga classes help children to develop strong, flexible bodies while cultivating a lifetime of joy, peace & wonder.
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Creating Kind, Giving Children
I grew up with parents who were givers. My dad was always super generous with us, he rarely said no when we asked for things. I never thought of us as spoiled, but I was never wanting for much. There were always price limits – but I was happy. I
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Breathing through Transitions
As we transition from summer to fall, from summer break to school, to new schedules, the month of September is just busy. I had days where I just didn’t have time to eat! That is so rare for me, I am never one to skip meals, but the new schedule
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Back to Life…Back to Reality
This is it, the official end to summer and our regular life begins again. I tend to think of a year as Sept-Jun and the summer as this bonus time of pure fun (and some work thrown in for good measure). I’ve been either a student or teacher for most of
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