Superhero School Kids Yoga

This class has evolved in the most incredibly fun way. I started off with a few superhero poses, and it ended up that we went to superhero school to learn to become superheroes. It has evolved as a Superhero School kids yoga class. The kids have been LOVING it. I even had a teacher text me this later in the day- “Just wanted you to know that the superhero yoga this morning had a profound affect on my day. On my break I witnessed a car accident and then put out a fire at starbucks.”   Superhero School for Kids Yoga (for prek-2) I start by telling the kids we are going to school to learn to be superheros. I ask “what do you know about superheros?” They save the day! Superheroes have super powers! They wear costumes! I love all the answers the kids give me. In order for … Continue reading Superhero School Kids Yoga